The NSRN Bibliography is currently being managed by the NCF Project.

The intention is to update the NSRN bibliography every month or so. The bibliography can  be viewed in a list organised by author surname or publication date, or can be downloaded into your preferred referencing software here. There is also a page where you can view the latest additions (since the previous update). Please use this resource as you see fit, and remember that the NSRN is a community which can only work with your input…

As this is a ‘working’ collection, if you notice any mistakes or omissions please use the following form. We would particularly appreciate input on ‘older’ publications. Likewise if you have any suggestions for alternative methods for formatting this bibliography.

We aim to include many different types of publication, and are particularly interested in successfully completed postgraduate theses. Where these appear in the bibliography, there shall be a link to the author’s contact details if they have indicated that they are willing to be contacted about their work.


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