Event: IWM Lecture “‘Russia Beyond Belief’ Living in a Post-Modern Dictatorship”

Tuesday, February 26 2013, 6:00pm – 7:30pm
IWM library

Institut für die Wissenschaften vom Menschen
Spittelauer Lände
31090 Wien

Speaker: Peter Pomeranzev
´Russia beyond Belief´:
Living in a Post-Modern Dictatorship

Lecture Series: Russia in Global Dialogue

Communism, liberal euphoria, hyper-inflation, mafia state, oligarchy, oil boom: since 1989 Russia has experienced so many different realities at such blistering speed that by the start of the Putin era many Russians believed they could master all of them and live ‘beyond belief’. During the oil boom of the past decade, Moscow became a decadent, brilliant whirligig of a city, led by a generation of triumphant cynics who developed a new form of authoritarianism far subtler than the types familiar from the 20th century – a model I call ‘post-modern dictatorship’. In this lecture, Peter Pomeranzev will look at how this sense of being ‘beyond belief’ shapes contemporary life in Russia, and how the current protest movement can be seen as reflecting a conflict between the triumphant cynicism of the noughties and the desire to live in a value-driven society.

Peter Pomeranzev is a British television producer and non-fiction writer of Russian origin. He is also contributor to theLondon Review of Books and Newsweek Magazine (London). Currently he is Guest at the IWM in the framework of the “Russia in Global Dialogue” Fellowship program.

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Events: IWM Series “Colloquia on Secularism”

Monday, November 12, 4:30pm

Series “Colloquia on Secularism”

Endre Sashalmi

Professor of History and Deputy-Chairman of the Department of Medieval and Early Modern History, University of Pécs, Hungary


The Secularization of the Public Image of the Ruler in Russia under Peter the Great

With the kind support of the Austrian Science Fund (FWF)

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Tuesday, September 18, 6:00pm

Monthly Lecture

Nicolas de Warren

Professor of Philosophy at the University of Leuven, Belgium and IWM guest


Patočka and Monotheism

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Tuesday, October 2, 6:00pm

Vortrag Reihe “Beyond Myth and Enlightenment. Re-thinking Religion in the Modern World”

Jean Greisch

Philosoph und Theologe, Guardini Stiftung, Berlin


Zu Jacques Derridas Religionsbegriff

Mit Unterstützung des Österreichischen Wissenschaftsfonds FWF


Friday, October 5, 4:30pm

Series “Colloquia on Secularism”

Andreas Andreopolous

Reader in Orthodox Christianity and Programme Leader of the MTh in Orthodox Studies, Department of Theology and Religious Studies, University of Winchester


The Depiction of Space in 14th Century Maps and Icons

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