Event: “Ethics as Piety” Webb Keane hosted by LSE – All Welcome

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“Ethics as Piety”

Speaker: Webb Keane (University of Michigan)
Chair: Charles Stafford (London School of Economics)

Date: 27 June 2012, 18.00-19.30

Venue: London School of Economics, New Academic Building Room LG.09 (off Lincoln’s Inn Fields)

Sponsored by the Anthropology Department and the Programme for the Study of Religion and Non-Religion.

Assuming that what we call “religion” and “ethics” are in principle distinct from each other, what is the conceptual relationship between them? What are the historical pathways along which the two often seem to converge? What are the social implications of that convergence where it occurs? And when they converge, what remainder escapes the conflation of these two? These are, of course, very large questions, whose investigation requires substantial empirical and conceptual work. In the interests of carrying out a preliminary ground-clearing, this talk is confined to reflections on a limited number of texts. Discussion of these texts will centre on how certain traditions within Islam and Protestant Christianity objectify ethics in ways that render them cognitively explicit and thus expose them to pressures toward rationalisation, generalisation, and abstraction. But these traditions also expect ethics to guide everyday life, in all its concrete particularity, with potentially paradoxical consequences.

The event is free and open to all with no ticket required. Entry is on a first come, first served basis.

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If you have any queries regarding this event, please contact Dr Matthew Engelke (m.engelke@lse.ac.uk)


Event: Booking now open, Prophecy in the New Millennium: When Prophecies Persist Saturday 12 May 2012

Prophecy in the New MillenniumProgramme

Booking form

Please see details of the event “PROPHECY IN THE NEW MILLENNIUM: When Prophecies Persist”. Alongside general interest, the network may find Wendy Grossman’s Panel “Chasing the Horizon: Prophecy in Secular Contexts” particularly relevant.


When Prophecies Persist

Wolfson Theatre, New Academic Building, 
London School of Economics, Saturday 12 May 2012

To register: WE ARE NOW TAKING PAYPAL BOOKINGS: http://inform.ac/node/1550
Or post a booking form (attached) and a cheque payable to ‘Inform’ to Inform, Houghton St., London WC2A 2AE. (Inform@lse.ac.uk; 020 7955 7677).

Tickets (including buffet lunch, coffee and tea) paid by 16 April 2012 cost  £38 each (£18 students/unwaged).

NB. Tickets booked after 16 April 2012 will cost £48 each (£28 students/unwaged).

A limited number of seats will be made available to A-Level students at £10 before 16 April 2012 (£20 after 16 April). A party of 5 or more A-Level students from one school can include one member of staff at the same price.


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9.30-10.00   Registration

10.00-10.10 Professor Eileen Barker (Professor, LSE; Chair & Honorary Director, Inform) Welcome

10.10-10.20 Dr Suzanne Newcombe and Sarah Harvey (Research Officers, Inform) Introduction

10.20-10.45 Dr Simon Dein (UCL and University of Durham) “Prophecy: Social Scientific Perspectives”

10.45-11.10 Sheila Tremlett (former member of the Worldwide Church of God) “To a Place of Safety? The Elect in the Great Tribulation”

11.10-11.35 Coffee

11.35-12.00 Dr Hugh Beattie (The Open University) “The Mahdi and the End-Times in Islam”

12.00-12.25 Abi Freeman (mid-lifer) “Living in the Time of the End”

12.25-13.00 Group Discussions

13.00-14.00 Lunch

14.00-14.25 Andrew Fergus Wilson (University of Derby) “From the Mushrooms to the Stars: 2012 and the Apocalyptic Milieu”

14.25-14.50 Kevin Whitesides (PhD Candidate, University of Edinburgh) “New Age: (Still) Doing What it Says on the Tin”

14.50-15.15 David G. Robertson (PhD Candidate, University of Edinburgh) “(Always) Living in the End Times: The “Rolling Prophecy” of the Conspiracy Milieu”

15.15-15.40 Tea

15.40-16.05 Wendy Grossman (freelance writer and founder of The Skeptic Magazine) “Chasing the Horizon: Prophecy in Secular Contexts”

16.05-16.30 Professor Gordon Melton (Baylor University and founder and Director of the Institute for the Study of American Religion)

Looking into the Future: Why Prophecies Will Persist”

16.30-17.00 Panel Discussion