Postdoctoral Fellowship Opportunity at the University of Göttingen

A new research network at the University of Göttingen has postdoctoral fellowship opportunities in secularism and new religiosities:

The two positions, to begin in October 2013, will be offered as two-year fixed-term contracts on a full-time basis (currently 39,8 hours per week) and will be remunerated at the TV-L E13 level (in accordance with the German public sector pay scale).The pilot project “Secularism and New Religiosities” examines new forms of religiosity that emerge under various regional or national regimes of secularism, and how these are shaped in transnational arenas of cultural, political and legal interaction […] Within this wider context, we invite post-doctoral research proposals that theoretically and empirically analyze new religiosities in comparative perspective; cross-religious as well as cross-regional comparisons are welcome. While the overall project’s main focus is on South Asia, East Asia, and Europe, proposals may broaden the comparative scope by including other regions.Successful applicants must have a PhD in a relevant field, such as history, anthropology, sociology, political science, religious studies, or area studies. Researchers will be based at the University of Göttingen, but will be permitted to conduct fully-funded field research for part of the two-year period, upon consultation with the principal investigators.

Fellowship: Shelby Cullom Davis Center for Historical Studies “Belief and Unbelief”

New Topic for 2012-14: Belief and Unbelief
During the academic years 2012/13 and 2013/14, the Shelby Cullom Davis Center for Historical Studies will focus on belief and unbelief and how they have interacted in history. How has the line been drawn between religion and other forms of deeply held conviction: secularism, secular religions, political theologies, and the like? At issue are not just questions of demarcation and definition but processes: secularization, proselytizing, conversion. How does belief manifest itself in lived experience, in ritual, observance, and daily-life practices? How have people and cultures moved across the borderline between belief and unbelief? How has belief itself become a subject of study, whether from a secular or theological point of view? As always, we hope to address these questions from a wide variety of periods and places, from prehistory to the present and from all parts of the world.

Follow up:
apply for a fellowship.
see information regarding fellowships.
request general program information.
written requests should be addressed to: The Manager, Shelby Cullom Davis Center for Historical Studies,
Department of History,
129 Dickinson Hall,
Princeton University,
Princeton, NJ 08544-1017, U.S.A.

Call For Applications: Fellowship in Religious Studies – Closings Dates 16 JANUARY, 29 FEBRUARY AND 16 APRIL 2012

CHANCELLOR`S FELLOWSHIP in RELIGIOUS STUDIES (5-year, full-time, tenure-track)

SALARY SCALE: £36,862 – £44,016 GRADE: UE08



The School of Divinity at the University of Edinburgh intends to appoint three Chancellor’s Fellows in the coming months, ONE of which will be in RELIGIOUS STUDIES, with the aim of having the positions start in SEPTEMBER 2012.

These prestigious awards are aimed at early career scholar-teachers of the highest potential who have begun to establish a reputation for research at the forefront of their discipline and who have a commitment to teaching at the university level. The Fellowship will be held for 5 years, subject to satisfactory review at the end of year 3, and the Fellow will then move to a standard University academic open-ended contract.

The first year of the Fellowship will focus on establishing the Fellow`s research programme, with a limited amount of teaching. Fellows will be expected to submit an appropriate number of high quality research submissions to REF2014. Teaching and administration will gradually increase over the 5-year period to that of a normal academic load in the School of Divinity.

Normally a Fellow appointed from or shortly after their PhD will be appointed on the Grade 7 scale, whereas those with postdoctoral experience would normally be appointed at grade 8. Current Salary Scales are: Grade 7: £29,972 – £35,788; Grade 8: £36,862 – £44,016.

The School of Divinity expects to appoint a Chancellor’s Fellow in each of three Subject Areas – Christian Ethics and Practical Theology, World Christianity and RELIGIOUS STUDIES:

 *RELIGIOUS STUDIES: any substantive field or tradition in the Study of Religions that can enhance and extend the existing subject area profile, including strong theoretical and methodological interests*

Candidates should apply online via the University of Edinburgh recruitment website and enclose a detailed CV and a one page outline of a proposed research programme. We encourage applications, if possible, for the first of the advertised closing dates: 16 JANUARY 2012.

The School of Divinity is located within the College of Humanities and Social Science, and you should indicate clearly in your application that you are applying through the College of Humanities and Social Science, by citing the reference number as below: College of Humanities and Social Science Reference: 3015150CHSS.

For Further Particulars, see:

Further information on the post from Dr Steven

Call for Applications Doctoral dissertation fellowship in religion and philanthropy‏





The Lake Institute on Faith and Giving at the Center on Philanthropy, Indiana University will offer a one year doctoral dissertation fellowship of $22,000 for the academic year 2012-2013. This doctoral dissertation fellowship will be given to a scholar whose primary research focus is in the area of religion and philanthropy or faith and giving. The fellowship is intended to support the final year of dissertation writing. The fellowship stipend will be paid in three installments: $10,000 at the beginning of the 2012-2013 academic year; $10,000 at the mid-point of the 2012-2013 academic year; $2,000 upon the successful completion of the dissertation.


Applicants for the Lake Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship must:

· be candidates for the Ph.D. degree at a graduate school in the United


· fulfill all pre-dissertation requirements by December 31, 2011,

including approval of the dissertation proposal with the expectation

that the dissertation will be completed no later than June 1, 2014.

· have not received a similar grant or fellowship for the writing of the

dissertation. Please note that Lake Doctoral Dissertation Fellows may

not accept other awards that provide similar benefits in the same

academic year. Smaller awards and/or those involving limited

opportunities to teach may be permitted, at the discretion of the

Research Advisory Committee of the Lake Institute on Faith & Giving.

Application Information

All application materials must be received by January 31, 2012.

Applications must include the following:

· an application form.

· a current resume.

· an executive summary no longer than 15 pages in length summarizing

your topic and its relevance for the understanding of an important

question(s) or issue(s) related to religion and philanthropy / faith and

giving. Please write this executive summary so that scholars outside of

your discipline would not have difficulty comprehending your proposal.

· a copy of the approved dissertation proposal describing the proposed

work, demonstrating relevance to the field of religion and philanthropy,

describing source materials and their availability, commenting on any

special skills or interests you have for carrying out the proposed work,

and giving a clear statement of the research or scholarly methodology to

be employed.

· a selected bibliography no longer than two pages, double-spaced,

indicating the major theoretical, practical and critical works that bear

on your dissertation. “Selected” means you should include those works

that most clearly demonstrate your command of the scholarship necessary

to write the proposed dissertation. In most cases this will already be

part of your proposal.

· a timetable detailing your chapter outline, your progress to date, and

your schedule for the fellowship year. It should be no longer than one

page, double-spaced.

Supporting materials

· Three letters of recommendation must accompany your application: one

from your dissertation director and two from faculty members familiar

with your work.

· One official transcript from the graduate school which will award the

Ph.D. degree.

All requested materials must be mailed to:

Please find details below.

The Lake Institute on Faith & Giving

The Center on Philanthropy, Indiana University

ATTN: Dissertation Fellowship

550 West North Street

Suite 301

Indianapolis, Indiana, 46202-3272