And the winner is….’Non-Religion and Secularity’ from Journal of Contemporary Religion

We have received the news that the NSRN’s special issue of Journal of Contemporary Religion has topped the list of ‘most wanted’ of special issues published by Routledge! We are also pleased to note that the list in general shows and interest in the secular and the nonreligious. Thank you to everyone who voted!

Free Access to the Top 3 Most Wanted Special Issues

These issues are now available for you to read for free
online until 28th Febuary 2013.

In first place with the most overall votes.

‘Non-Religion and Secularity’ from Journal of Contemporary Religion

A close runner up in second place.

‘Mindfulness: diverse perspective on its meaning, origins and
multiple applications at the intersection of science and dharma’ from
Contemporary Buddhism

and finally, in third place.

‘Post-Secular Trends: Issues in Education and Faith’ from Journal of
Beliefs & Values: Studies in Religion and Education

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