Publication: An ethnography of the British Humanist Association, Dr Matthew Engelke

The ESRC has produced a report and press release on Humanist Funerals,  announcing the work of Dr Matthew Engelke, which explores early outcomes from his year researching with and within the British Humanist Association.

For more details about the research please contact

Dr Mathhew Engelke
Telephone: 020 7995 6494 or 07800 835403
ESRC Press Office:

Danielle Moore-Chick
Telephone 01793 413122
Jeanine Woolley
Telephone 01793 413119


Publication: What is a good death? Ritual, whether religious or not, still counts

Perhaps of interest to the network, Dr Matthew Engelke writes for the Guardian on his work with the British Humanist Association Celebrants.

“As an anthropologist, one of the reasons I wanted to study the BHA is because of this commitment to the experiential and embodied side of being non-religious. As an increasing number of philosophers within the atheist and humanist ambit have stressed, much of the god debate over the past six or seven years has been dominated by a hyper-intellectualised version of what it means to do without Him. But godless dons have funerals – most of them do, at any rate. And so do other non-religious people.”

Read the full article on the guardian site

Event Reminder: Monday 27th February, Matthew Engelke, The stuff of funerals: Material culture and commemoration for the non-religious of London

Last minute reminder for an earlier event posting.

UCL anthropology department run a weekly Material, Visual and Digital Culture Research Seminar Series

Details: Mondays 5 pm- 6.30 pm, followed by drinks Daryll Forde Seminar Room, 2nd floor, 14 Taviton St.

The whole series looks great, but of particular interest is Dr. Matthew Engelke’s seminar on non-religious funerals, commemoration and funerals in London:

February 27: Mathew Engelke (LSE)
The stuff of funerals: Material culture and commemoration for the non-religious of London

More details on the UCL seminar site