Postdoc: Studying New Atheism at Uppsala University

The Faculty of Theology at Uppsala University wishes to appoint a Postdoctoral fellow studying New Atheism for a period of two years, beginning as soon as possible and April 1, 2014 at the latest. Application is due on January 15, 2014.The Faculty is looking for a project with a critical scientific focus on New Atheism/contemporary atheistic positions or groups. What characterizes the phenomenon in question? What historical roots does it have? How does it relate to earlier forms of atheism and critique of religion? What understanding of religion and which ideological assumptions does it presuppose? Towards which forms of religions and ideologies is the atheistic criticism directed? What are the arguments for atheism and against religion, and what weight should be awarded to these arguments? How does the phenomenon relate to the contemporary criticism of secularization theses and secularism? What normative grounds and political ambitions does it have? What role does the phenomenon play in today’s society and politics?