PSA specialist group on politics and religion

Here’s a new proposal for a PSA specialist group on politics and religion (including nonreligion) by Steve Kettel:
Dear colleagues,
We are currently in the process of setting-up a new PSA specialist group on politics and religion. The remit of the group will be broad, and will cover all aspects of the interrelationship between religious (as well as ‘non-religious’ – e.g. secularism, secularisation, atheism etc.) and political issues. At the moment we are finalising the  proposal for consideration by the PSA, and are looking to see how many potential members might be interested. Membership will be free, but is only open to members of the UK’s Political Studies Association. If you would like to be included as a potential member (at the moment this is all non-committal), then please send your details (name, institution etc.) to Steven Kettell ( The proposal is going to the PSA on Wednesday 19 June (this has all come together fairly late in the day), so it would be great to have as many names as possible ahead of this deadline.
Steve Kettell