Announcement and Thank You from the NSRN Directors

We are extremely excited to announce the publication of the Journal of Contemporary Religion  Vol. 27, No. 1 January 2012

Special Issue: Non-religion and Secularity

This special edition of the Journal of Contemporary  Religion is a publication resulting from the NSRN’s inaugural conference in Dec. 2009. At that time, work in progress vastly outweighed completed empirical work in the field – I’m happy to say, in fact, that, even as this area of work has expanded, this ratio is still the same: a sign of continued growth. But this collection presents some of the earliest-realised major research projects in the field, and is intended to highlight the diversity of possible approaches. Happy reading – and we look forward to any comments the collection/articles prompt in this space.

With thanks to Elisabeth Arweck, for her support of this project and for  the NSRN’s work in general. This is the first special edition in the history of the JCR and we were very honoured to be invited to develop it.

Best wishes

Lois and Stephen

You an view the issue when it is released or order the journal through the Taylor and Francis website